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If you save a damsel from distress what do you have? You want the good moments, his adoration and so forth, but that cannot be the entirety or basis of the relationship. They need to be secure in themselves and the relationship to open up to you.

Magical feelings right away is not a real thing to them. That, to a man, screws up entertaining the maybe of letting your relationship develop.

These tales are the creative and imaginary work of a gifted writer.

Lisa Schmidt is an expert dating advice writer, certified dating coach and power coach for men.

She helps men and find and keep meaningful relationships and take back their masculine power through coaching.

Let me tell you what Webster’s says about these fantastical stories: 1)A false story that is meant to trick people.

Because it is a fairy tale and unlike the movies, fairy tales don’t always come true. Not on love, but on the notion of some skewed version of happily ever after.

For instance, they don’t idolize a specific relationship of a friend the way women often do. Women have to come in with the mindset of it developing and not ready made.

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