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by  |  24-Jan-2020 01:17

Maybe you put your trust in the wrong chick, or maybe she just realized that she could get away with anything the second you moved apart.

Some people take distance as a free pass on morals.

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We think that love and willpower can keep our minds and bodies from wandering when we’re away, but sadly, we’re all driven by primitive desire.

Shit, most couples have trouble with infidelity when they’re glued together 24/7, let alone separated for extended periods of time.

To protect my children who've always been revolted at the idea of their parents having sex, I will not go into further detail.

After my husband broke his leg (not as a result of acrobatic sex) we decided to buy an alert system in case in fell and no one was home. Last Sunday, when we finished reading the paper and were beginning to snuggle, my husband said, "I really like this new toothpaste you bought." "Really," I responded.

Even if you totally adore somebody and want to spend the rest of your life with them, it’s extremely hard to ignore attraction to others after a while, especially when you haven’t has sex for a while.

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