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In order to plan treatment, it is important to know if the gallbladder cancer can be removed by surgery.Tests and procedures to detect, diagnose, and stage gallbladder cancer are usually done at the same time.

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Except in patients whose cancer has spread only to lymph nodes, the cancer is unresectable (cannot be completely removed by surgery).

There are different types of treatment for patients with gallbladder cancer.

In stage 0, abnormal cells are found in the innermost (mucosal) layer of the gallbladder.

These abnormal cells may become cancer and spread into nearby normal tissue. Cancer has spread through the wall of the gallbladder to surrounding tissues or organs or throughout the abdominal cavity.

When food is being broken down in the stomach and intestines, bile is released from the gallbladder through a tube called the common bile duct, which connects the gallbladder and liver to the first part of the small intestine.

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