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He also examines the important role of African Americans and women in early American Methodism and explains how the movement's willingness to accept impressions, dreams, and visions as evidence of the work and call of God circumvented conventional assumptions about education, social standing, gender, and race. It provides the best treatment of early American Methodism (to 1820) that we have and are likely to get any time soon."--Russell E.

A pivotal text on the role of religion in American life, Taking Heaven by Storm shows how the enthusiastic, egalitarian, entrepreneurial, lay-oriented spirit of early American Methodism continues to shape popular religion today. Richey, Wesleyan/Holiness Studies Center Bulletin "John Wigger has at last provided us with the wide-ranging, contextualized study of expansionary, early Methodism that we have long needed.

Thorough, readable, and comprehensive, this is the best history of Methodism from the founding of the country into the 1820s In 1770 there were fewer than 1,000 Methodists in America.

Fifty years later, the church counted more than 250,000 adherents.

At first glance, Brandon Wiggers would appear to be just another crazy busy Belmont student, but that’s only half the story.

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