Who is tina knowles dating

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Shortly thereafter, Turner released her eighth original studio album, entitled Wildest Dreams.In the same year she embarked in her record breaking 'Wildest Dreams' world tour becoming one of the most extensive tours ever by a single performer grossing over 0 million in Europe alone.When she was still young, her mother left the family after years of abuse from Floyd, and when Floyd re-married she went to live with her grandmother Georgeanna.

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In 1984, Turner released her fifth solo album, Private Dancer which established Turner as a credible solo artist.

It charted a total of five top forty singles and three singles reached the top ten in the states.

, the singer's mom took to Instagram to congratulate her baby on a job well done… We can only assume she's referencing Jay's bad boy ways! Toast to lemonade❤️ B worked so hard on this project day and night !

While there are a lot of suspects on the mistress list (Rachel Roy, Rihanna, Rita Ora), we know one thing for certain — the icon apparently went through some dark times according to Tina.

Worldwide the album has been estimated having sold between 10-11 million copies, although some estimate closer to 20 million copies, making it Turner's most successful solo album.

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