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Speedman revealed they were still together when Russell’s character famously chopped off her signature curly mane for a story line.

The coming-of-age drama was the first foray into television for director/producer J. Abrams, and was a star-making role for Keri Russell.

Think you know everything there is to know about Felicity, Ben, Noel, Elena, Sean, and the rest of the crew at the University of New York? Abrams grew frustrated with the limitations on the stories he could write for , and began to let his mind wander to more extreme ideas, like what if Felicity turned out to be a spy.

He knew that Sarah Mc Lachlan would be covering his words in the final edit, so Grunberg used the moment to thank Keri Russell, Scott Speedman, and Scott Foley for their work.

was one of the first shows to find controversy with music copyrights.

Probably because it’s a lot easier to convince people you’re actually friends if you can spend a few minutes palling around on camera before a live studio audience.

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