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August 2007: Keeping a seemingly lower party-girl profile after her hospitalization, Mischa hangs out with Rihanna at a about where she sees her career going but also reveals that she thinks her party-girl image is really just a creation of the media so she "takes it with a grain of salt." Less than 10 days after the interview is published, Mischa is arrested on suspicion of a DUI, possession of illegal substances, and for driving without a valid license.She spends seven hours in jail before being released on ,000 bail.

February 2008: Mischa is officially charged with possession of marijuana, driving under the influence, and driving without a valid license.

March 2008: Mischa is interviewed by the to discuss her upcoming films, but the conversation turns to the recent events in her not-so-private life.

Of the DUI, she says, "It's funny, because I've always been like the big sister to all my friends and I'm like the mom to my little sister.

So I don't look at myself a lot or what I'm going through. That's what I'm use [] to."April 2008: Mischa avoids jail time from her DUI after agreeing to a plea deal and is instead sentenced to three years of unsupervised probation following her DUI charges.

To my female fans: Just be happy and secure with yourself and don't let other people's perceptions of you dictate the way you live your life." April 2009: Mischa defends her body once again in an interview for UK's May issue, saying, "I wouldn't change my body, and I couldn't anyways." She also takes a dig at the media's brutal takedown of her looks.

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