Sms hookups - Who is lil fizz dating 2016

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“Honey, I’m not worried about nobody’s sex life but my own,” Nikki said, as polite as could be. I don’t need nobody to tell me, ’cause I know this for myself.” Then a viewer on Twitter chimed in, wanting to turn the tables and ask Nikki to compare Fizz and Safaree.

“Safaree,” Nikki said, after only the briefest hesitation.

Soulja Boy might be all up in the news lately, and he might even be kicking it with Brittish Williams but his ex-girlfriend Nia Riley doesn’t seem to be losing any shuteye over it.

The Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star posted a picture on her Snapchat that has gone viral of her snuggled up to her co-star Lil Fizz.

The photo shows Nia seemingly smoking a hookah while Fizz nuzzles into her almost kissing her. Since her breakup with Soulja, Nia hasn’t been in a public relationship.

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