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Celebrity relationships are dramatic enough without getting a kid involved, but when you add celebrity offspring into the mix, it sometimes gets even worse. reported that Milian accused The-Dream of cheating on her and claimed the only reason she signed their initial divorce forms was because he presented them to her when she was nine months pregnant and in no condition to put her John Hancock on paperwork.

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One month later, Moynahan's rep confirmed she was pregnant with the New England Patriots' baby.

It wasn't easy on Moynahan to see her baby's daddy almost immediately move on with supermodel Gisele Bundchen.

He reportedly dumped her almost immediately and demanded a paternity test.

Sources close to Bing claimed Hurley had "snookered" him into having a child, and that she refused Bing's urges to have an abortion.

Hartwell told in July 2016 that the pregnancy was the catalyst for the breakup, and that he wanted a paternity test to make sure the child was his before he paid support.

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