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They also made a Live Cast, where they answered fans' questions and talked about the expansion at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, where the fans can go to the Diagon Alley, summer 2014. Oliver supports Aston Villa, and did so alongside his late grandfather, while James supports Birmingham City with his father. They both support Major League Soccer side, Portland Timbers. Both travel around the world to tour and attend sports games and events; Oliver also maintains his own website called JOP World, where he chronicles the various places he visits and keeps fans updated with the brothers' activities.

Then we got cast as the Weasley twins and had to dye our hair red for the next ten years.

All the years of joking at Andrew’s expense just came back and slapped me in the face.’As Fred and George Weasley respectively, James and Oliver had to dye their brown hair ginger every few weeks.

They opened one of the charity's specialist units in Birmingham and have continued to support the charity since.

The twins also make public appearances in support of music and sports.

They are the only sons of Susan (née Spare) and Martyn Phelps. Growing up, they attended Little Sutton Primary School and the Arthur Terry Secondary School.

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