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He claims he was the first to recognize the garment's tactical potential, and becomes enraged when his style is copied by other agents.He sidearm of choice is the Walther PPK (the same weapon used by James Bond) despite being consistently insulted due to the gun's diminutive stature by his co-workers (Ray Gillette: "You'd better put that back in your purse," Conway Stern: "Oh, I'm queer, coming from the man whose gun came with a matching purse").Although Archer has a high kill rate, having stopped and killed a number of highly dangerous criminals, he usually does so not out of a desire to uphold the law, but for his own personal selfish reasons.

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He also loudly declares to everyone he meets that he is a secret agent, and insists that keeping such information under wraps negates the whole purpose of being a spy in the first place.

Rival agents consider Archer a serious threat, due in part to his combat skills and his instinctual fieldwork, which tends to be devoid of any kind of preparation on his part (he proudly claims to have never read a dossier).

This includes his emotional development issues (though evidence strongly suggests this is his mother's fault), his near encyclopedic knowledge of trivia, mission-relevant information, and the things that specifically scare him (such as alligators and crocodiles).

In addition, he possesses a savant-like ability to count the number of bullets remaining in his and others guns, including multiple automatic weapons in a firefight.

Oftentimes, when stating such facts, another character will ask him, in surprise, "How do you know that?

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