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The singer had a history of drug and alcohol abuse.

He was married and is survived by his six children from two relationships.

His bandmates were said to be blindsided by Chester's suicide with sources telling TMZ they had plans to attend a photo shoot in Hollywood later on Thursday.

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Joey Bada$$ found a way to memorialize his late best friend and still look like a baller. The tedious process included sculpting Capital's face in gold ... The back features the hip-hop Pro Era group logo "47" ... It's supposed to represent the logo's ancient meaning -- peace, love and balance.

The rapper commissioned a custom piece to honor his boy, Capital STEEZ, who at 19 committed suicide on Christmas Eve 5 years ago. Flawless a few months back to make the piece that features 14k gold and VVS diamonds.

- reveals that the singer, who died by suicide in July, did test “presumptive positive” for ecstasy, however, two additional tests failed to detect the drug.

Bennington did also have minor traces of alcohol in his system at the time of his death.

Conspiracy theorists allege that the emails were actually referring to some sort of government-based child sex trafficking ring, with each food acting as a code name for something else considering 1) who order $65,000 worth of pizza and hot dogs and 2) the White House caters all of its own events. Rumors have circulated that Podesta is actually Bennington’s biological father.

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