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"They all jumped on the bandwagon." She also flat-out denied any rumors that 28-year-old Kelli Dawson is pregnant with Aldridge's child, saying that Dawson has a reputation for not telling the truth.

"That is just completely fabricated," Jamie Lynn added. It was definitely harder for Casey's family to deal with it, but you just explain that it is part of this business." Spears said her own family is standing behind the young couple while they raise their daughter in the eyes of the media.

"It hurt me to hear those things, because my family has to read it. They read those stories and take them with a grain of salt." When asked about the future, the couple said they intend to marry, but not any time soon.

Spears said she wants to wait until Maddie is old enough to take part in the ceremony.

According to the National Enquirer’s Mike Walker, the mother of two recently said, “Yes! “I’m in love with Jake, and I’m going to marry him,” Reese reportedly gushed to friends.

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