White women dating middle eastern men

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One thing PROHIBITED by Islam is the judging of others by skin color.

Now naysayers of my preference of men will cite stereotypes seen and heard in the media- The Arab man as a domineering mate with a repressed woman, forced to veil her face, resigned to the fact that her husband can marry up to four wives.

Where I grew up they were just the brave men who ran the gas station or corner store.

Not anyone I could count as a friend or even an acquaintance.

Soon a shiny champagne colored Lexus stopped in front of me. ” There he was, a man in traditional attire- the long white garment known as a kandoora and the accompanying headdress. Now you’d have to be a fool to do this in most places- but in the United Arab Emirates – a place where giving someone the middle finger will get you a court date- I felt safe getting in his car.

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