When updating bios using asus update

by  |  12-Jan-2020 15:33

After the process is complete, your computer will automatically restart.Oxana Fox is a freelance writer specializing in medicine and treatment, computer software and hardware, digital photography and financial services.

If you've got a Puget computer, your support rep will have given you a link to the latest version of your BIOS. The extracted file will end with the file type of ". You'll want to copy this file over to the thumb drive you just plugged in.

(Bit of a warning here, if you're using an "X79" or "Rampage IV" motherboard, you might need to go a different route upgrading due to the ROM format to CAP format conversion. Check with your support rep if your motherboard has either "X79" or "Rampage IV" in the name of your motherboard.) Here comes the fun part. It's possible the BIOS might show a promp saying "Press F1 to enter setup". Once in the BIOS, go through all of the settings and make sure they match!

Wait for a message that indicates formatting is complete.

Use a web browser to navigate to the ASUS download page (see Resources).

There's not very many of those types of problems, so if you're not sure, give us a call and ask. Plug that into one of the USB ports in the back of the computer.

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