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I’ll probably cave and purchase it this week Champaca Absolute is ABSOLUTELY sexy, sultry, juicy, nectarous liquid gold! The champaca flower here in Champaca Absolute is essentially a sweet, nectarous yellow/white floral of tropical origin. Combined with cognac and marron glace, comes a syrupy and saucy dimension that adds both to sweetness and depth. I love it and do not regret the price I paid for it.Complete with a smooth, sensual dirty/clean musk; both airy, light, and summery, Champaca Absolute gradually reveals itself something dirty and forbidden. The sweetness is blended so well with the florals and musk in a refined Tom Ford fashion, that really lends itself an enticing experience! ) For me, Champaca Absolute was a love-at-first-smell kind of perfume. Most possibly beautiful yellow flowers perfume to ever put on.

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Private Blend Champaca Absolute by Tom Ford is a fragrance for women and men introduced in 2009.

Top notes are cognac, bergamot and dyer’s greenweed; middle notes are champaca, orchid, violet and jasmine; base notes are vanilla, amber, sandalwood and marron glace. When i smelled this out of the flacon i got a metallic alcoholic plum kind of smell unlike anything else, and it deeply intrigued me.

My new obsession, a blind e Bay purchase that I was a little anxious about after reading the review labelling it as very feminine, I shouldn't have worried.

Whilst it's not hyper-masculine, which I hate - hence I'm far more interested in trying 'unisex' fragrances - this is a floral scent with some balls.

I get a very ripe, honeyed floral that manages not to be too sweet.

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