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People running their own personal VPN service from a lone server could evade the blockade, potentially.The broadcaster has been a supporter of VPN access until relatively recently: in July the BBC published guides on how to get onto i Player using a VPN via a Raspberry Pi.VPN provider Torguard condemned the blockade as heavy handed and harmful to security.

That means that BBC is forcing its users within the UK to decide if they want the security of a VPN or the access of i Player." Ernesto Van der Sar, founder and editor of the Torrent Freak blog, added: "This effectively stops foreigners and expats from accessing the service, but it also affects license paying UK citizens who use a VPN to browse the Internet securely.

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The BBC is trying to block access to i Player from UK VPNs, crushing the spirits of those overseas hoping to get a fix of Doctor Who and other British telly.

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