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After 1970, adoption of native-born American children by non-related parents rapidly dwindled.Yet outright single motherhood remained comparatively unusual for middle-class Americans, and especially for white middle-class Americans.

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[3] 58% of single moms have attended college or have at least a bachelor’s degree [2] Of millennial moms who have babies outside of marriage, 67% have some college education, and 32% have four or more years of higher education.

[3] There are 1.2 million divorces in the United States each year.

[1] Traditional nuclear families with two married heterosexual parents are now the minority of U. The rise of single motherhood is the largest influence on this trend — followed by gay families, multigenerational families and .

[6] 46% millennials and 44% Gen Xers say “Marriage is becoming obsolete.” [7] Not all of those mothers were single: Many were living with partners.

Among mothers of all ages, a majority — 59 percent in 2009 — are married when they have children.

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