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Rolonda Watts has been a media staple and news guru for decades. Destiny is eventually drawn to a new beau, raising issues with love, class and interracial relationships.

From her informative broadcasts to her tell-it-like-it-is talk talk show, Ms. Rolonda, you have so many talents, as a newscaster, talk show host, actress, and now author. When I was a little girl, I wanted to be Walter Cronkite and would read the TV Guide, mimicking his deep voice with my own. I even thought about being a doctor one time, until I had to dissect a cow’s eye in high school biology class and almost puked.

Rolonda has always had her finger on the pulse of owning who you are. Rolonda Watts presents a scintillating new book named Destiny Lingers, the story of Destiny, an investigative reporter who finds a red hair on her husband’s pillow case. But the one consistent thing I’ve always wanted to be since childhood is a writer.

Quincy penned an open letter years ago praising Diddy -- who raised him with his mom, Kim Porter -- for always being there when Al wasn't.

At the time, Quincy said he always wondered about Al -- "Where he was? and most importantly, Was he even thinking about me?

Look - It’s like shopping - If the boutique you are used to has run out of inventory -- go to the department store where there’s a huge variety of delicious tems!

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree when it comes to Quincy Brown and his father, Al B. "Quincy, you're ready," the R&B legend says to his son in the opening of the video. "I'm a human being so of course hearing about any family member being disappointed with you is devastating, but what can you do? Sure told ESSENCE in 2009, in response to an open letter his son penned to him about being absent in his life.

You could be swinging from a tree for who you chose to love. to this day and I know he loves me back, but we have both moved on with our lives.

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