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It seems that adding a table to the Dataset Designer that uses non-string/character columns which allow nulls confuses the Data Set Designer and causes it to assign unwanted exception behaviour to your columns rather than simply returning the nulls. I’ve tested this with SQL Server 2005 & SQL Server Express with the same results. Reply I’ve been struggling with this and kinda found a work around. Is Null(), but I had lots of instances of decimal and datetime nullable fields in my table. I’m experimenting with them in one of my new projects.

There is absolutely no reason for this and Microsoft have had since November 2005 (release of . So I didn’t want to do a lot of: —————————————— with my Collection if . Peace 🙂 Reply Only three votes, come on guys and girls – if you like the article, rate it * * * * * 🙂 If you were helped by the article, a submission to Digg (use the shareit link on the article) would go a long way to repaying my work 🙂 Reply Thanks for all the great posts everyone.

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Oh yes, I’ve tested and tested again .visible = false can’t be referenced.

Well at least not in the conventional way Reply Hello, Is it possible to create a custom strongly typed dataset designer and code generator ? It is very stupid that after 4 years since Visua Studio 2005 was released, Microsoft does not allow to set the field’s (Null Value) property to Null for anything else than strings ?!

Reply Hello Tom, Thank you for your kind words, and especially for bringing up the . I’ve noticed that property too, on strongly typed datasets. Well maybe in the failings of isdbnull, but this isnlt the durection I wanted to take.

But in my particular case I was using databound controls. Why oh why is something some basic in other langauges so f*&%$ difficult using vs.

Do you think it’s ever going to be possible that after spending so many years at honing their skills writing gibberish that MS might one day write a help file in plain English?

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