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by  |  14-Jun-2020 17:20

sudo umount /mnt qemu-system-s390x -M In recent times I have been aggressively working to expand the coverage of libvirt XML schemas in the libvirt-go-xml project.Today this work has finally come to a conclusion, when I achieved what I believe to be effectively 100% coverage of all of the libvirt XML schemas.

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This is semantically equivalent, but makes a plain string comparison of two XML documents impractical in the general case.

Considering the need to expand the XML coverage, and provide a more scalable testing approach, I decided to change approach.

Whichever approach is taken, it generally involves writing alot of tedious & error prone boilerplate code.

In most cases, the Go module eliminates all the boilerplate code, only requiring the data type defintions.

It needed an aggressive push to achieve 100% coverage of the XML schemas, or as near as practically identifiable.

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