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The prayer in chapter one is the first of 12 different prayers recorded in the book.

It begins with prayer in Persia and closes with prayer in Jerusalem.

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Then, read the book of Ezra, which in the Hebrew Bible is linked with the book of Nehemiah as the same book.

It was her husband who is Artaxerxes in the opening chapters of Nehemiah.

Hundreds of years passed during which the nation experienced struggles, faithlessness, and wrestling with God.

The high point of Israel’s history came when David, a godly king, was called to sit on the throne.

September 10, 2000 I checked my notes and realized that it’s been a year since I gave you a Bible quiz. I’ll give you a hint – all the questions have to do with the Old Testament. Because of the richness of this book, you will get more out of this series if you do some homework each week.

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