Updating your record Camview chat

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**Please note that even if you edit your mailing address directly within CM/ECF, you are still required to file a Notice of Change of Address in all of your pending cases (see CM/ECF Administrative Procedures 3D. If the address fields are ghosted and you are not able to update your mailing address, your address will be updated by the Clerk’s Office upon the filing of a Notice of Change of Address. Electronically file the completed Notice of Change of Address form, using the event “Notice of Change of Address” located under the Notices category. Failure to do so will result in delivery failure of the Notice of Electronic Filing to the old e-mail address. If you need to update your mailing address and you do NOT have pending cases, log-in to your CM/ECF account and update your information.

It is your responsibility to update your contact information in CM/ECF. NOTE: If this Notice of Change of Address involves a change of the e-mail address, you must change the e-mail address in ECF first before electronically filing the Notice of Change of Address.

The only difference is that rather than selecting USB you select 'Network Firmware Upgrade'. There is only one version of the firmware for each Toppy model on the server, and it may be the same build, or an earlier build, than that already on the Toppy.

If so, a message appears indicating there is no updated firmware.

Each firmware is standalone, not cumulative, so you can install either a newer or older firmware than the one currently installed.

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