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As an example, one commercial QVGA OLED display consumes 0.3 watts while showing white text on a black background, but more than 0.7 watts showing black text on a white background, while an LCD may consume only a constant 0.35 watts regardless of what is being shown on screen.

Additionally, Pen Tile technology is often used for a higher resolution display while requiring fewer subpixels than needed otherwise, sometimes resulting in a display less sharp and more grainy than a non-(pen tile) display with the same resolution.

Flagship smartphones sold as of December 2011 used either Super AMOLED or IPS panel premium LCD.

Super AMOLED displays, such as the one on the Galaxy Nexus and Samsung Galaxy S III have often been compared to IPS panel premium LCDs, found in the i Phone 4S, HTC One X, and Nexus 4.

"Super AMOLED" is a marketing term created by device manufacturers for an AMOLED display with an integrated digitizer: the layer that detects touch is integrated into the screen, rather than overlaid on top of it. According to Samsung, Super AMOLED reflects one-fifth as much sunlight as the first generation AMOLED.

Super AMOLED is part of the Pentile matrix family, sometimes abbreviated as SAMOLED.

You may wish to hard reset the phone if you are experiencing software errors which are not fixed after a soft reset (pulling the battery out) or if you wish to clear the phone (i.e.

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