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by  |  23-Apr-2020 09:34

You can choose to reset Xref layer properties for just the selected layers or for all layers.Additionally, a new XREF option in the -LAYER command offers command line access to remove Xref overrides, and a previously hidden option in the VPLAYER command for removing Viewport Overrides [re Moveoverrides] has been exposed.

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The option to Retain changes to Xref layers (VISRETAIN system variable) has moved from the Options dialog box (Open and Save tab) to the Layer Settings dialog box.

With the option to retain overrides to Xref layer properties enabled (VISRETAIN = 1), you can now specify which, if any, Xref layer properties you want to reload, offering you more flexibility to control Xref overrides.

With these enhancements to views and viewports, we think you’ll be able to reduce clicks and save time!

The Layer Properties Manager includes a new status icon to indicate when an Xref layer contains overrides.

The Layout ribbon tab is a contextual tab that is displayed when a layout is made active.

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