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by  |  31-Dec-2019 03:06

Playing around with it this morning, I’m more than happy with that decision. The feature I am most happy about is the Dropbox integration…finally, a way to view/edit/delete Dropbox files without having to sync them (and their massive size) to my hard drive. I just discovered this update after trying to buy another licence through the VPP app store to find it’s disappeared.The update looks great but I’d like to be able to use it through our device management, if it could return to the app store I’d appreciate it!Well, as I was saying :), Transmit is part of my daily life, and I have purchased the last version without even see what was new! Wish there was a $/GB transferred fee that would cap out at — then I feel like I win either way, don’t pay much if I don’t use it much, or if I end up using it a lot then it was worth the full price.

But there’s always more to do, and we’ll be listening closely to your ideas and improving Transmit 5 often. ) Let us know how Transmit can help you do your job. Of course, my deepest thanks and appreciation to all of the amazing people at Panic who made Transmit 5 happen.

Starting with Wade and Will, of course, who have lived and breathed this app for a long time, but almost everybody at Panic was involved: Aaron, Heather, Ashur, Logan, Tim, Jesus, Steve, Patrick, Helen, Thomas, Greg, James, Neven, June, Noby and Kenichi all do critical work that made this app as good as it is. —Panic] Also, I’ve purchased many products that were on the App Store while also having a direct sales option — and I’m a Mac OS dev myself.

Thank you so much for buying Transmit, supporting Panic, and allowing us to bring even more software into this world. Head over to the Transmit 5 web site and hit that big “Try it” button. This allows us to distribute a demo which we think is extremely helpful for people considering Transmit. If you bought from us after June 1st (or maybe even a little earlier), grab your Transmit 4 serial number and go here. The addition of the Dropbox integration is amazing. Finally have the option to sync both Coda and Transmit with Panic Sync, and it works great – though now it’s up to me to clean up years of sites I added separately to the MAS version of Transmit synced to i Cloud.

Our trial version is also the full version; just purchase to unlock the full app. (Fun fact: it’s been seven years since we last charged for an update to Transmit! (We’ll constantly re-evaluate the Mac App Store, though, and hope to return.) Q: How many computers can I use it on? If you bought from the Mac App Store in that timeframe, please send us an e-mail and we’ll help you out. I’ve been wanting this type of feature for years so I can connect up to a Dropbox account without having to link up a computer and have it try and sync up tons of files, when all I want is to access a couple of files. Favorites were due for a bit of spring cleaning anyhow.

And as for seeing all pending transfers, please e-mail us some information on why this is helpful for your workflow so we can continue to improve Transmit! It’s a pity Open SSH keys aren’t supported anymore, but the built-in key generator made the transition painless. Fortunately, it looks that most of Panic’s customers are happy to pay for T5. The Dropbox integration (plus other services) is awesome. Most of my connections from the Mac don’t work anymore, those synced via Panic sync from i OS don’t work either (, but at least the still work on i OS).

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