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by  |  18-Nov-2019 12:19

We left the mature hardwoods and all of the flowering fruit trees, which are now showcased.They are actually starting to bloom as I write this- it makes for such an amazingly pretty yard in the spring.When we decided to buy an older home instead of building a new one, we considered that there would be some maintenance challenges.

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A few of the corners of our home experienced this (minus the mold and mildew, we hope), and in the process of repairing the damage we discovered old water damage and rot that had been covered over.

Naturally, it had continued to rot over time until the wood was no longer salvageable.

I thought I would take an opportunity to share a project with you that isn’t necessarily photo-heavy or DIY, but has been going on in the background as we work on other aspects of our home and I work on my shop.

As we approach the fourth anniversary of moving into our home, we have some big and exciting plans unfolding for the exterior.

A quick and less expensive coat of water-based paint was likely tossed up directly on the stain, with no primer to lock out the moisture.

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