Updating environment strings

by  |  25-Jan-2020 19:29

Those can be entirely sufficient in some environment (e.g. If it runs fine, then you possibly don't need any configuration at all.

For all other cases, as well as production deployment tuning, there is a way to configure many things in the broker as well as plugins.

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Updating environment strings Armenian xxx

All configuration items are commented out in the example, so you can uncomment what you need.

Note that the example files are meant to be used as, well, examples, and should not be treated as a general recommendation.

It is a useful step in troubleshooting a broad range of problems. It is still possible to use this format with versions older than 3.7.0 to maintain backwards compatibility.

Those running 3.7.0 or later are encouraged to consider the new sysctl format first.

the file is readable) before checking effective node configuration.

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