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by  |  04-Mar-2020 18:11

The Bing app will offerincluding location based results and images.

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The Building Windows 8 blog says that the updated apps will be made available for PC makers to include, by default, in their new PCs. If you are going to use Windows 8 these may well be the apps you use more than any others, so it’s important that they are slick, work well and have the features people want.

Let us take a look through the updates and improvements on offer in these built-in default apps...

Finally, the game will offer LAN support for up to four players.

Although the LAN mode option was visible on the mode select screen, it wasn't playable due to the lack of a LAN in the demo area.

Also, important to many people there will be “a bird's eye view, 3,000 indoor venue maps, driving directions hints, improved navigation and layout, improved customization including custom pushpins and roaming options, integration with Bing and Travel apps.” The indoor venue maps sounds particularly interesting; hopefully it will include plenty of UK places and not just be a US-centric improvement.

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