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Take note, those are expensive and branded things they are demanding.And they are all in the Philippines so with that amount they could receive 25,000-50,000 pesos a month and they never saved some of that amount. And they also asked my husband fir investment money that was obvious it was a scam. Up until now he did not receive any money from that.I did not expect that and to found out about it really made me feel devastated and cheated on.

There is a couple I know that has encountered some interesting issues with in-laws.

This isn’t something that they directly discuss with his wife, but they have instilled in him over the years – and probably growing up – that it’s his responsibility first and foremost to make sure his parents are financially taken care of.

His sister never worked since she graduated college and depended on them to help her send her dhildren to expensive private schools, always asking fir the latest gadgets and clothes.

Her husband doesn’t work either so her entire family is totallt dependent in the money he gave them.

If someone dies, he pays for it and pay her rent, cable, con-ed while she is away and it spits me off. We had plans before to build our own family and buy our own house but how can we do that when he kept it a secret to me thet he gave all our money to his family always telling me it’s for his parents back home in the Philippines.

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