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" Men don't always know what they really want - until they meet a woman who turns their world upside down. When he realizes that you are there before him - he will start backing away from you - and break your heart. Many people are against the idea of playing hard to get. I'd like to go out with you and in about a year, we'll get married." She says, "Great! But what does it take to become that kind of woman in your man's life?

Have you ever seen a man move heaven and earth to be with a woman? And a man backs away from the woman who falls for him before he's "earned" it. Being Hard To Get means you are in control - and you're a lot more likely to get the man you want and to have a better relationship with him - that lasts. When I'm being mysterious and not pouring out my emotional needs, I have total control. They say it's wrong; it's manipulative; it's trickery of the worst order. You can call it "playing games" or you can call it "the thrill of the chase"! Hard To Get is a private program which speaks to the hearts of thousands of women.

I'm a huge fan of yours and will continue to support ANY of your work! In "Hard To Get" You Will Discover These Truths: Men love pursuit - and pursuit must be difficult. "Hard to Get" is for the smart woman who doesn't mind shaking things up! Why you can get comfortable on that pedestal - and why this is so important. How do you become intimate, and yet, still maintain your mystery and keep him interested? Biological Clock-Watchers: The Meter is Running "But If I Never Have a Serious Talk With Him, He May Never Commit! " Can you triumph over a female threat to your relationship?

"Hard To Get' is chock-full of advice on HOW to be pursued by men, and why men love to pursue women. Why the one being pursued is the one with the most power. What men think about women who chase them - and why you never want to chase any man. " The Boiling Point - "I Don't Care What Happens" How To Recover From the Serious Talk Here are the most effective ways to ward off the other woman. Is there someone who intrudes on your happy world with him?

When other men are around you at a party, he's confident in you, but... Being hard to get is about one of the most basic truths of human nature: We love a feeling of accomplishment. Many people are suspicious and downright hostile about this truth of human nature.

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