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And I told Vince, "Man I don't play for second place. I want to be a part of the team and contribute." I was willing to learn and try anything. It seems natural because of my dad, but that's not who I am. But until then, I'm gonna pursue other things and give it my all. I tell people a lot, it's hard when somebody has got the power of the pen and can really determine how successful you can be.

I think the decision to put the Million Dollar belt on me was terrible. And there was really no story or direction or goal going forward with that. And that really bugs me because I was working hard, going above and beyond and somebody with a pen and is writing the script is really determining how successful I'm going to be. So now I'm doing things that I'm being rewarded for based on how hard I'm working, and that's rewarding for me. Unless that can change, I'm pretty happy where I'm at. It is the only place you wanna be unless you're one or two of the other guys at the other show that have good contracts, but it is what it is.

So, you've got to respect that and if it doesn't, let it inspire you or motivate you to do something else. If he would've given up, he wouldn't be where he is this year. It's just something my wife and I just start praying about and I really just felt like the Lord was just drawing me away. It wasn't that great for me in the WWE at the time. I felt like I was really starting to figure some stuff out and that just weren't really getting behind it. So I was miserable on the road because I wasn't participating and I felt like I wasn't contributing. " I felt like I needed to do something else because I'm kinda wasting my time. I do love wrestling, and I love the fans and it's a part of our legacy.

They were trying to find stuff for me and I was pitching ideas, and nothing was really happening. So, that's why I started doing that Di Biase Posse thing. Even tailgating with the fans before the show, because that's who I am. I love SEC football and I'm big into hunting and fishing. I was doing house shows and was helping other guys, which is fine. So, if it's just a break, or it may present itself again.

You know, my family was almost torn apart by the decisions my dad made outside the ring. So, the fans are going to love it, people that go through struggles and trials and tribulations, they're going to relate with what the Di Biases went through. What were some of your favorite angles that he was a part of?

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