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It's about how this pretty disfuctional family can work through all that it's bad and still be strong as one at the end of the day.

7/10 A little over the top and frankly too dramatic, even for a drama... I think Empire is really underrated, but I don't really understand why. The topic is good, pilot is good and I'm surprised that music used in the show could be real hit in real life, they are also pretty good.

jamal braking out into songs every damn time is rather fucking annoying. It's getting more and more interesting and there's always enough drama and the plot is exciting too. I'd live 8-9 stars but acting and shooting are not so good.

The prison scene with Lucious and Frank brought me back to those times.

The Empire is yet another reason why the true essence of Hip Hop continues to become less relevant in our culture.

Why don't we talk about them like we talk about Empire? It instead becomes a variety/musical fashion show or a very long music video.

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