Sysprep 2 0 error updating registry Mensexchat

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Here you can see my interactive logon session, displayed with the Sysinternals Logon Sessions utility: And here you can see a token Lsass has created for the session in Process Explorer’s handle view.Note that number following the account name, 7fdee, matches the logon session ID shown by Logon Sessions: By default, processes inherit a copy of their parent process’s token.

sysprep 2 0 error updating registry-36

I wrote New SID in 1997 (its original name was NTSID) because the only tool available at the time for changing machine SIDs was the Microsoft Sysprep tool, and Sysprep doesn’t support changing the SIDs of computers that have applications installed.

A machine SID is a unique identifier generated by Windows Setup that Windows uses as the basis for the SIDs for administrator-defined local accounts and groups.

These utilities generate a new machine SID, try to find all the locations on a system, including all the file system and registry ACLs, that contain copies of the machine SID, and update them to the new SID.

The reason that Microsoft doesn’t support systems modified in this way is that, unlike Sysprep, these tools don’t necessarily know about all the places where Windows stashes away references to the machine SID.

If the computer is part of a Workgroup, then the credentials you specify must be for a local account on the remote system; for a Domain-joined system, the credentials can be for a remote system’s local account or a Domain account.

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