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He took me to his favorite Italian restaurant in the city – Filomena’s – and the rest is truly history.He also lived in Washington DC several years while attending Catholic University, so he shares the love of the city with both of us.Honor killings are treated leniently in some legal systems.

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From the minute I left that first encounter, I was planning how I could take her out on an official first date.

Dunn could not find any family of the given name in any directory in the region or anyone else in southern Tennessee who had heard the story and accounted himself dubious.

I picked the rooftop where we’d be alone and looking out over the National Mall.

We can’t wait to laugh, dance and cheers together on December 9th, but until then… But Darrell was gracious, supportive and ultimately didn’t grill me too hard.

His Version Let’s be clear, I’d never been on a blind date until that cold February day in 2013.

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