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Premeditated act in America think about it and he drilled a guy. But the idea that you watch gronkowski do that to you teammate when these Cutler. Questions she treated well there it was brought asking if so why should he be suspended business frustration wasn't that bad policy.

And this is bad dude what yes new town of Lucy you know object Nintendo goes to point yes that's exactly the climate we live and I don't think he got a game. Always the climate of course loves you react in the climate.

Questions up by the worst over the weekend where you get into any event I think Matt Lauer is an outstanding. And Kirk man if you do something like that to someone in the streets you wanna jail. And that that is he's desperate to disagree willow well agree to just throwing stuff against the war graduation eleven French paratroopers on a morning show in Boston.

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Well it's just not you have to go back to face forward dinner in Portugal and Spain that's a tough for you outside Iran Morocco and group hypothetically. I wish Rick we ex football question there's a chance to get suspended without that was completely not okay. Kirk Callahan was chosen to show and whatever sense whatever unless somebody count something else that says somewhere else than maybe they are we are whatever. No last name because unfortunately Rob Gronkowski will never play football again. And I didn't know that these guys that there was no place in the game that really that. Well I would just say why would say first of ball under Rodney Harrison had Tony Dungy offers a level of insight it's unparalleled I believe and history so I.

Has become a little complacent when you kick the crap out of people are completely not okay.

Crabtree I don't leave anybody that game I'm not sure or white I'm not sure what do you think I'm not sure I don't think anyone's agenda that's why it was good amount stupid okay cruel way thought it too great for game one Alabama office of line he did you know he did the eagle during the penalties you'll that white was so.

Wanted to get a penalty how bad could it be because you purchase so good.

By any measure a toll dirty plate I don't have as to why you react disagree totally playing here.

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