survey of internet dating services - Sugardaddie dating melissa

by  |  22-Jul-2020 09:08

A person once said to me, after finding out that I'd met my boyfriend on your site, that they were surprised I was looking for a sugardaddie. Our relationship hit us both like an earthquake -- but in a great way!

I explained that although there were people on here interested in a more realisticapproach to dating, that the reason a lot of women come here isn't to find some one to take care of us. a gentleman who has aquired a lot of money is generally educated, not lazy, intelligent, more tolerant and well travelled as a result. Sincerely, Dear Sugar Daddie: Ok, so I have been with the site for quite some time and then -- what an experience! We have been attached as if we were meant to be together from the moment life began for each of us.

Just like to say congratulations, your website is fantastic, good layout and very attractive ladies!

I have been on other singles pay sites before, but since your site I have cancelled all the others. Regards, Whomever you are, Thank you so much for creating and maintaining this site.

I have never been on a dating site were there were so many classy men. You're never getting spammed, just more attention than you're used to from other sites.

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