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by  |  29-May-2020 23:33

Recently, Heughan celebrated his 37th birthday, and it seemed like he had some fun with the two beauties in his life, Mauzy, and Balfe.

The trio was seen having some fun together with other stars of the hit TV series.


They run in the same circles, so why not, you know? They’re spending hours upon hours with one another, so it’s practically an inevitability.

Just look at the casts of aired in September 2007, the beautiful humans who brought Serena van der Woodsen & Dan Humphrey to life on the small screen were already reportedly seeing each other.

Several reports are making rounds that the "Outlander" Season 3 star, Caitriona Balfe and Mackenzie Mauzy are fighting because of Sam Heughan.

Speculations are making rounds that the three celebrities might be in a love triangle.

Balfe even stated how much he missed Heughan when they were not shooting scenes together.

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