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South Africa's top court on Thursday handed down judgment in an application for leave to appeal from the Deputy President Ramaphosa, in consultation with Nedlac social partners, appointed the following persons to a Panel of Advisors to assist Nedlac in setting the level of the national minimum wage, taking into account work done thus far by Nedlac technical task-teams : The topic of minimum wages in the South African economy is a highly emotive one - given the high levels of income inequality that are present across the economy.

Recently, a panel has been setup by Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa with the purpose of investigating the impact of a minimum wage being imposed across the economy.

Such exemptions may include prescribed periods and conditions of employment as well as allow for unskilled workers to be trained on the job.

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- - 21 November Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa got support from his party, the African National Congress.

Spokesperson Zizi Kodwa said in a statement on Sunday that the recommendations "are sound, credible and clearly supported by clear evidence, including technical submissions made by organised business, organized labour, government and community constituencies". The Gauteng Province branch of the Young Communist League of SA "rejects outright the proposed minimum wage", Gauteng provincial secretary Alex Mdakane said in a statement on Sunday.

In terms of the judgement, the extension of BCAs is subject to the administrative justice clause in the - 8 May There has been a string of landmark judgments in recent times, not least the one handed down by the High Court in Pretoria last week, opening the door to significant changes in collective bargaining.

The judgment, made by Judge John Murphy, found validity in the notion that the unduly endows bargaining councils with public power without public accountability, despite their being private actors.

This is according to the Pietermaritzburg Agency for Community Social Action (Pacsa) non-profit organisation which campaigns for social justice and human rights.

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