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The book claimed that a common punishment was to send a stark naked slave girl out into the city to do the marketing.

Any man she met was free to have sex with her, The book contained a section of pictures showing naked women in collars standing, lying and kneeling in different, very erotic positions. She recognized the USAGE position as the one that she had been forced into when given the suppositories. The book had a detailed discussion of slave dances (with pictures) and of sexual techniques (also with pictures).

At times, she had three fingers in her pussy and two men sucking her nipples. The fourth man gave her 10 across the back of her thighs. He gave her 10 on the crack between her ass cheeks.

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She had learned about sex at an early age from asking her Mom about what she saw with the bulls and the stallions and the birthing of calves and foals. In high school she dated some but only those boys who believed that it was wrong to have "sex" before marriage.

Yes, she kissed and fooled around some but nothing like most of the other kids. Her parents were heavily involved in the community church and had "encouraged" her to commit to abstinence until she married.

They dragged her to a barrel and forced her to bend over it. She was in too much pain and shock to even try moving. Hands held her shoulders down while fingers explored her ass hole.

Her wrists were held firmly and her breasts pressed hard against the rough, cold top of the barrel. Then she felt fingers spreading her butt cheeks and tried to struggle. She was an ass virgin but was helpless to prevent what was happening, Fingers went deep and spread her ass hole, and then she felt the first cock enter and begin penetration.

It felt huge as it slowly penetrated deep into her.

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