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On the back of that, Xiu Li and her brother bought a Chinese League club, then based in Shaanxi, but now relocated to the capital, and known as Beijing Renhe.That, presumably, will become a sister club to the Royals, although in recent seasons it has not been a great success, suffering relegation two years ago to its present Division One status, finishing fourth there last season.

80s festivals have proved to be a huge hit with music fans in recent years.

The Let's Rock the Moor festival in Cookham, near Maidenhead, on May 20 attracted thousands of 80s fans, despite the wet weather, with Rewind ('the big one' among the 80s music festivals in this area) set to bring 40,000 fans to Henley-on-Thames this weekend.

Yongge Dai and Xiu Li Dai are among the wealthiest and most influential people in China.

Their father is a former head of the China Central Bank, and the pair are billionaires on the back of a network of underground shopping malls in cities across China.

The company website lists its business model as : (a) the leasing or providing of space in the form of trading halls or open areas to traders for the trading of agriculture produce; (b) the leasing or providing of warehouses, icehouses and other designated space to the traders for the storage and packaging of agriculture produce; (c) the provision of transportation and third-party logistics information services to traders; (d) other value-added services including packaging of the agricultural produce.

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