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In the north, settlements spread north of the line of earthworks at the Danube and the northern edge of the Great Plain, into Slovakia's southwestern, southern, and southeastern regions, where, as in Austria, many large cemeteries came into being.

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Their settlements spread as far Vienna, and with the destruction of Lauriacum (ca.

680), the Enns River became part of the Avar empire's political frontier.

The best known memorial of this new epoch is the small cemetery at Marosgombs.

Its graves (with horses) are dated by stirrups as well as by a more substantial type of food container that had lately come into common use throughout the Avar empire.

Typical finds in Slavic graves include wooden buckets with iron hoops and hair clasps with tips twisted into a spiral (the latter indicating a Slav woman or a woman wearing Slavic costume); similar objects have also been found at Marosnagylak and Marosveresmart.

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