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What's more, they were allegedly on You Tube's radar: Matan Uziel — a producer and activist who leads Real Women, Real Stories (a platform for women to recount personal stories of trauma, including rape, sexual assault, and sex trafficking) and who provided Buzz Feed News with more than 20 examples of such videos — told Buzz Feed News that he tried multiple times to bring the videos to You Tube's attention and that no substantive action was taken.On September 22, Uziel sent an email to You Tube CEO Susan Wojcicki and three other Google employees (as well as FBI agents) expressing his concern about "tens of thousands of videos available on You Tube that we know are crafted to serve as eye candy for perverted, creepy adults, online predators to indulge in their child fantasies." According to the email, which was reviewed by Buzz Feed News, Uziel included multiple screenshots of disturbing videos.

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After Buzz Feed News brought these videos to the attention of You Tube, they were removed.

In recent weeks, You Tube has faced criticism after reports about unsettling animated videos and bizarre content, which were aimed at children using family-friendly characters, and some of which was not caught by You Tube Kids’ filters.

The company says it has re-evaluated the verification process to add more human oversight.

Before You Tube removed them, these live-action child exploitation videos were rampant and easy to find.

The company says it removed every video escalated by Uziel.

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