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“I love them.” More than 30 years ago, the Sant sisters had similar feelings for Rodriguez, their next-door neighbor in a Pacifica apartment complex whom they then regarded as a kind uncle. was a single parent, struggling financially and raising his two girls.Wesley Sant worked as a correctional officer and had been laid off around the time of his death, his daughters said.She lives about 10 minutes away from the prison in Kuna, Idaho, and visits Rodriguez about once a week, encounters she describes as “therapeutic.” Sant provided testimony by telephone at a parole hearing in March with reasons she believes Rodriguez should be released from prison. 3, when Sant reiterated her belief that Rodriguez should be paroled.

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Barbara, then 12, recalls a time when her father did not have money for food and Rodriguez gave them his last $20.

But Rodriguez was also a drug addict who regularly used PCP. 22, 1985, Rodriguez and his wife, who is not being named because she is a victim of domestic violence, got into a heated argument.

That’s when Sant decided to visit Rodriguez face-to-face and ask questions about “that fateful day” and her father’s last words. “I could see the guilt that I touched for what he took away from us.” Said Rodriguez: “To be face to face with her, it broke my heart of what I did. I would do anything to make things right.” During their conversation, Sant told Rodriguez she planned on going home that night and having a drink.

It was during that meeting that Sant was able to tell Rodriguez she forgave him, and accept his apology. Rodriguez, who says he has been drug-free for two decades, persuaded her not to.

The conflict turned violent when Rodriguez, who many times before assaulted his wife, went into the kitchen, got a knife and started stabbing her.

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