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Neighbors shunned the Drews following the revelations.

Sarah Wells, a weblogger who revealed the given and family names of Lori Drew, said, "I don't regret naming Drew." After reviewing the case, county prosecutors decided not to file any criminal charges in relation to the hoax. Louis Suburban Journals decision not to print the names of the Drews.

Banas stated that he did not interview Grills because, at the time, she was under psychiatric treatment for her participation in the Meier case. The Meiers criticized the prosecutor's statements, saying that Banas did not interview any party other than the Drews and that Banas was solely relying on the testimony of the Drews.

Banas said that the original FBI investigation into the matter, during which Grills was interviewed, established her role in the event.

Lori Drew, the mother of a friend of Meier, was indicted on the matter in 2008, but was acquitted in the 2009 case United States v. Meier and "Josh" became online friends, but never met in person or spoke. As Meier began to exchange messages with this person, her family said she seemed to have had her "spirits lifted".

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