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Another sight of some significance was to be had in the same year at the same season.From every corner of the north droves of black cattle were converging on Falkirk moor for the great autumn Tryst.

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In truth she had given England small cause to love her.

The seventeenth century, with its invasion of England by a Scots army, the bartering of their king by that army for arrears of pay, and the attempt to impose the Presbyterian discipline upon all Britain, had left an ugly memory.

They strove without much success to acquire an English accent, and Mr Adam Smith was envied because Balliol had trimmed the roughness of his Fife tongue.

They cultivated a thing called rhetoric, which was supposed to be a canonical use of language freed from local vulgarities, and in the shabby old college Mr Hugh Blair lectured on that dismal science with much acceptance.

Farther east, another crossing was in process of making, a bridge to carry a broad highway.

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