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by  |  11-Aug-2020 23:04

Here the host for the demon Mike (Philip Gerard) stands on the inverted chevrons, which signify a Master Mason.

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Given how explicit it all is in Secret History this seems like semiotic neglect.

Red- the color of the Scottish Rite (and according to some, the Illuminati) is all over Lynch's work. And there's that checkerboard floor you all learned about in Symbolism 101.

Even the early national meeting was called a "Grand Lodge," a Masonic reference.

I don't know if Lynch is still active in a fraternal organization (though my guess is that he is) but I'd imagine it's something a little edgier than the Masons, maybe a Rosicrucian or Martinist order.

I've been studying Twin Peaks and its would-be spinoff Mulholland Dr recently and it's all so in-your-face I'm a little surprised no one's paid it any mind.

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