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Eventually thou[TRANSVESTITE/Transsexual] By xploring96 [Ladyboy Mistress shares submissive with other shemale Dominants.] Author's Note: The following story includes transgender characters, Domination/submission and derogatory terms used to humiliate.

If this offends you please do not read any further.

At the time I was just an innocent 18 year old enjoying life with some friends.

My name is Max, and this is the story of how a small 20 person gathering turne[SISSY/Domination & Submission] By Frilly Maid [Mistress makes her sissy slave pay the rent - the hard way!

T[SISSY/Domination & Submission] By Pippa [Pippa's transformation continues.] 'Get up and bend over in front of me.

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