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by  |  07-Nov-2019 09:36

I have been split from him for over 6 years and haven't had any contact with the police in connection with him in this time so all this was from the past .

I just wanted to add please please be sure this is the right thing to do , coz sometimes if you let someone get away with something they use that as power and permission to do it again , he might do it again thinking you dropped the charges once and you will again or just will be too scared to ring the police again for fear of the feeling you feel right now.

Eventually what was an argument this time , may escalate into something a lot more serious next time !

Good Luck I thought that if the police thought it was serious then it doesn't matter if you drop the charges , a criminal offence has been committed .

Good Luck I agree, I am sure in Domestic Abuse cases, because of the nature of abuse and the fact most victims are terrified of proseuting the police now prosecute for you even if you do not want them to, otherwise you can imagine how many cases would not get to court, and how many abusers would just 'get away with it' and how empowered the abusers would feel that they are above the law.

which i did as I'm standing to long outside the house and since that time he didn't even do anything to settle our misunderstanding..

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