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Following system application to intact skin, clonidine USP in the adhesive layer saturates the skin site below the system.

Clonidine USP from the drug reservoir then begins to flow through the rate-controlling membrane and the adhesive layer of the system into the systemic circulation via the capillaries beneath the skin.

Therapeutic plasma clonidine USP levels are achieved 2 to 3 days after initial application of clonidine transdermal system USP.

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The half-life increases up to 41 hours in patients with severe impairment of renal function.

Clonidine has a total clearance of 177 m L/min and a renal clearance of 102 m L/min.

The absolute bioavailability of clonidine from the clonidine transdermal system dosage form is approximately 60%.

Steady-state clonidine plasma levels are obtained within 3 days after transdermal application to the upper outer arm and increase linearly with increasing size of the transdermal patch.

Other studies in patients have provided evidence of a reduction in plasma renin activity and in the excretion of aldosterone and catecholamines.

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